Mix & Master


Mixing & Mastering

Send me your raw tracks and I can transform them into balanced and modern sounding record with a powerfull dynamics.

Music Producing

The biggest part of well sounding records is made by good arrange. I can detect badly arranged parts and try to find solution to make your track sound great.


Recording, Editting, Drum Sampling, Vocal Tuning, Session Bassist



is a postproduction and recording studio specialized in mixing and mastering music of all genres. All services except for recording can be realized online.

About me

I’m an audioengineer and active musician from the Czech Republic living both in Brno and Pardubice. I have a bachelor degree in audioengeneering from the University of Technology in Brno. Since the beginning of my musical career I have worked with bands of diferenet genres (rock,pop,metal,noise,hiphop,etc..). For the last few years I’ve been focussing on mixing and mastering more heavy styles, but I also love doing any other genres like jazz, pop,.. Besides being interested in mixing and mastering, I have got a particular interest for music production, that I find the most important thing about great sounding records.

Personal Info

  •   Ondřej Valach
  •   +420 604 294 857
  •   Brno/Pardubice